People often have to work with different equipment or work in places that are not that safe. They may get injured due to slip and fall, any heavy object falling from the top, or not handling equipment carefully.

Whatever the reason may be, the workers deserve compensation for their injuries. Here are the types of compensation the workers can get for such injuries.

Disability compensation

The worker may get partially or permanently disabled due to the accident. The disability can be temporary or permanent. The disability may cause them to earn less or not get a good job. Sometimes, they may not be fit enough to work at all. Depending on the condition, the employer will provide compensation to the worker. It is usually two-thirds of their wage.

Medical costs

The injured person needs medical treatment. The employer will pay compensation for the doctor visits, counseling, surgery, medication, etc. They will also pay for physiotherapy, acupuncture of similar treatment.

Rehabilitation benefit

The worker may not be in the condition to continue work due to partial or permanent disability. The employer can provide further training to the worker so that he or she can come back to the work.


If a worker dies because of the workplace accident, then the worker’s relatives will get compensation. The amount of compensation varies. They might also cover funeral expenses.

The workers must work according to the training they have received and take safety measures when required. The employers also should provide a safe environment for working. This way there will be fewer incidents of workers getting injured at the workplace.

4 Types Of Compensation You Can Get For Workplace Injuries

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